Happy 200k Wrangler!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yesterday my beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee, who I named "Wrangler", hit a milestone. Not just any milestone, but the biggest car milestone of them all: 200k miles. Wrangler is only 13 years old but now that he hit the big 200k he is officially an "old car". But since I don't plan on selling Wrangler anytime soon, the 200k was just a better reason to celebrate.

The big 200k was passed while on a trip to Target. Personally I think this is the best possible trip we could have been taking for such an event. I mean, it's like wonderland. And just as expected, Wrangler got us there and back without a fuss.

Today to celebrate we went to the local gas station and filled up the gas tank to PASSED full. I'm typically a $20 here and $10 there type of gas filler; a full $60 tank of gas is quite a rare occasion. Somehow I think Wrangler even drives better on full. It's probably just something mental but nonetheless I'm sure if Wrangler could talk he would appreciate it.

Next we got a fancy car wash. Not those $5 washes where the robot moves spaghetti towels back and forth, I'm talking tire shine and rainbow wax. Wrangler has gotta look good on such a big occasion. 

Since I live in my car somedays with school and work and Jagger, I'll be honest, it sometimes gets trashed. Luckily I have been pretty good about cleaning out fast food bags and Jagger's cups but sometimes Wrangler still has a French fry or apple juice smell. Luckily, I have found that Febreze Car Vent Clips are fantastic at making Wrangler smell awesome all the time. I personally like the green gain scent the most. Currently I have three of them clipped in my car and tend to change them out about every 6 weeks. Therefore I went to the store and purchased an extra set to have for back up in honor of Wrangler's big day. 
Febreze Car Vent Clips Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator, Meadows and Rain - 2 Pieces

Afterwards I realized it was really hot out, I wanted Chick Fil A, and I didn't want to vacuum out my car, so Wrangler's celebration shall continue on tomorrow for even more car surprizes. 

Do you name your cars? 
So far I have named every car, laptop, cell phone, and iPod I have ever owned. It's weird but it works for me. 

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