Help, I'm a Junk Food Addict

Friday, June 27, 2014

Today I came to the conclusion that I am a junk food addict. It's no different than a drug addict. I'm putting something in my body constantly and in excessive amounts just to feel good for a minute. Cookies taste amazing. Ben and Jerry are two of my very best friends. But just like any drug, junk food has no place in my life.

I admit, I'm nearly the heaviest I have ever been. Without horseback riding in the summer, my winter weight isn't budging. Especially since I'm still living in my winter lifestyle. Now don't get me wrong, I have a pretty healthy body image and I've had multiple months of just "being content" with myself. Although I'm overweight, I'm in pretty good health. I can run and play and have no major health problems. But this junk food junky lifestyle will catch up to me. I need to change now so I can insure a safer medical future and a lifestyle where I'm in control, not my taste buds.

Today was my last pasta dinner for 20 days. It was also my last day of McDonalds Quarter Pounders and Steak N Shake Bacon Cheesburgers. 

So here I go: a 20 day boot lifestyle boot camp.
1. I will workout every night. No excuses. Nothing. 

2. I will not eat bread. This means hamburger buns, sandwiches, saltine crackers, etc. Anything that is just flour will not be in my body.

3. I will make a routine. A healthy routine with showers and sleep. 

4. I will organize my room, my car, and my bathroom. An organized room is a stress free room. Less stress = less need to binge on chocolate

5. I will try to fulfill my nutrition needs daily. That means multiple servings of veggies and fruit which is unheard of for me. Maybe I'll throw in a vitamin too, call me crazy. 

So why 20 days?
On July 19th, I hope to attend a big music festival. It's very long, very hot, but very fun. This year I want to have the most energy possible. I want to be able to wear cute, cool outfits without worrying about showing skin. I know I probably won't become skinny within 20 days but just 3 pounds would make my waistlines fit much more comfortably. 

Now, who wants to have a Pinterest party to find some good smoothie recipes? 

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