Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Step On a Crack, Break Your Momma's Back

Step On a Crack, Break Your Momma's Back

Over the last few weeks I have been having problems with back pain. This isn't anything new since I have struggled with occasional back pain since having Jagger in 2011. But this time was considerably worse than any other.
So after nearly two weeks of moderate pain, intense pain hit me. I went to my class on Monday and walked out right after the first hour. I headed straight to the 24 hour clinic to finally get things sorted out. 
After talking to the nurse, being ashamed of my not-decreasing weight (I've been working out. And I never normally work out), and then talking to the doctor they all shrugged and sent me to over to get X-rays.
Other than the ultrasound I had while pregnant or X-rays at the dentists office, I've never had "real X-rays" done before. It's definitely not what I expected. After putting on a dashing hospital gown and getting a super cool patient wristband, I got walked down to the X-ray room. The sign reading "DO NOT ENTER. RADIATION IN USE" definitely felt welcoming. I laid on a huge table which I soon found out moved robotically all over the room. This table was oddly uncomfortable for something that an injured person is to lay on. I was moved around and told to "hold your breath for the photo" about eight times before being allowed to leave the radiation room.

With that I got dressed in my classy cut off tank and distressed short shorts (I was planning on only going to my morning college class that day) and I headed back to the doctors examination room. 
Turns out Jagger broke my tailbone when he was born and now it's just going to cause lifelong problems. Like "flare ups" every once in a while. On top of that, my lower back had some stress fractures and was just overall in a very bad mood. 
So now here I am, Wednesday afternoon, still in pain. The doctor gave me some intense muscle relaxers but they make me super tired. Ontop of that, I'm not allowed to drive while taking them. I knew I had to find another option.

Since I can't drive, my mom took my to my local Walgreens to purchase the Icy Hot Smart Relief Tens Product. Luckily it is on sale for only $36 and I had a printable $5 coupon from Smartsource. After reading multiple reviews and the directions, I have confidence that the Icy Hot Tens Machine will eventually work wonders. So far I am still trying to find the perfect placement for it to work since my pain is in such an odd spot. 

While trying it out on other spots that turned out to be wrong, I have become familiar with the Icy Hot Tens Machine. It produces almost a "tickley" or "fuzzy" sensation with pulses of electricity. These pulses help block the signals from nerves that tell your brain that you are still in pain. This particular tens machine has just one pad where some other machines have two. It is completely wireless and the machine itself reminds me of a pedometer. The pad is coated in a sticky plastic instead of adhesive. This allows for multiple uses and doesn't leave a residue. Currently Tens machines are one of the most widely used and successful pain treatments for back pain so I think it's pretty neat that I can own one for just a little over $30. 

What do you use for back or muscle pain? 

This post is not sponsored, I paid for all materials, and all opinions are my own. 

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