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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm not gonna lie, as a woman who understands that there is a wage gap and opportunity bias, I would label myself as a feminist. I think that if I'm doing the same job as man, it only makes sense to be paid equally. This recent post on Buzzfeed makes my skin crawl due to the amount of misinformed females who are "against feminism". Isn't that like a gay person being against gay marriage? Answer: yes.

That being said, men do have some killer hygiene brands out there and if they market men's and women's products separately for the rest of mankind, I wouldn't mind. Only because I buy the men's version anyways.

Exhibit one: Dollar Shave Club

Not only do men have the best razors available to them, they also can get them delivered to their door starting at just one dollar a month. But being a girlboss that doesn't care if a package says for men or women, I signed up for this "shave club" anyways.
Now every other month for only $9 (I went with the fancy razor package, my legs deserve it), I have brand new 5 blade razor refills sent to my doorstep. I can't believe there isn't a women's version of this but then again the only difference would be a pink handle.

So, you guys are some of my smartest friends, so you're probably pretty fed up with overpaying for razors with flowers on them. I was, so I joined Dollar Shave Club. They deliver great blades to me every other month for just a few bucks. No more schlepping to the drugstore and no more overpriced, ridiculous shave products that I don't need. No more falling into the trap of Bic For Her. Razor plans start at just $3 per month and max at $9 per month. Use my link: so they know I sent you.

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