Sunday, November 9, 2014

70 Degree Fall Weather and Sorority Sisters

70 Degree Fall Weather and Sorority Sisters

This month I'm going to be interviewing fellow bloggers and college students about their part of the world. I love to learn about different colleges, people, and parts of the world. I hope you join me every Sunday to meet fellow bloggers and find out something new!

Today we are meeting Amanda from the blog College is Love. Amanda is a sorority sister from Arkansas who gets to enjoy 70 degree weather in the Fall!

1. What is your blog about?
My blog is a lifestyle blog. I blog about college, fashion, music, books, and anything that comes to my mind that day. I really like to talk about the things I am involved in like sorority life on my campus.

2. What university do you attend? What is it like?
I attend the University of Central Arkansas. It's a mid-sized university in the middle of Arkansas with about 11,000+ students. It's really nice university size in my opinion. It's small enough for me to see people I know everyday and people I don't know every day too.

 3. What is one piece of advice you wish you could've given yourself as a freshman?
Manage your time and finances better. As a freshman, I was a little crazy with finances and my time. I wish I had nipped that in the bud then, because it has had some lasting affects on my life to this day.

 4. What is your favorite class this semester?
My favorite class is Stratification. I am a Sociology major and it teaches me so much every single day that I go to class. It is definitely one of the classes I don't want to miss and it has a discussion and facilitation component that I enjoy.

 5. What is your goal for after graduation?
I am hoping to go to graduate school for College Student Personnel Administion, but my life is so up in the air right now due to getting ready to graduate.

 6. What is fall like in your area?
I live in Arkansas so fall is very warm for the most part with a couple of colder days throughout. Most days are in the 70s. I love fall in Arkansas though because the leaves change colors on all the trees and Arkansas is such a great place to be in the fall.

 7. What is your favorite fall fashion trend?
I love boots and scarves! I own like a ton of different boots and I love to wear them with cute skinny jeans and long sleeve shirts. I also have been loving scarves and I have been making adorable monogrammed scarves lately.

 8. Are you ready for the Christmas season?
 I am definitely ready for the break. I am still getting presents ready for my family so I am not ready for that part of it, but I am ready for the break in school and time for leisure reading!

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