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Grab a hot drink, take a seat, stay awhile and let’s be friends. Because the best conversations happen over tea or coffee, don’t you think?

You’re in college, just graduated, or you've been doing the trying to figure out this "adult" thing for a while. You’re into having lots of fun without spending your entire bank account. Fashion, organization and learning are your jam. When you should be going to sleep, you’re likely on Pinterest and blogging is a new-found passion or is about to be. Let’s be real. And I just know that we’re gonna be great friends.

My name is Renae! I am the woman behind this blogging space. I’m a college student, a single Mom and love all things blogging, marketing and fun-having. I live out a non-traditional lifestyle without compromising my dreams and I believe the same is possible for you too.

You’ll find posts on how to rock your life, tips to make things fun and easy, DIY projects, blogging and marketing and reviews on the latest awesome things.

Let’s do this together.

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