What's in my Show Box?

What's in my Show Box?

Although horse show season is coming to a close, its never too early to start purchasing supplies for the spring. This year I have finally perfected "the perfect show box". Of course, you can tailor your show box to fit your personal make up and horse needs.

Let's start with the box itself. My box is an ArtBin that is no longer sold in stores for this exact style. However, an extreme similar style can be found on ArtBin.com for $47.99

Here is what it looks like when opened. There are three tray shelves and a big bottom area. I love having the shelves with compartments since it lets me keep everything organized and within categories.

The top shelf hold my hair accessories (hairnet and hair ties), a pen and pencil, pencil sharpener for eyeliner, box of safety pins, black neck tie, and big face brushes. 
The second shelf has bobby pins, cotton swabs, creme eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, brow pencil, pencil concealer, face primer, eye primer, Smarteye for dark circles, mascara, chapstick, lip pencil, lip stain, and lip sticks.
Although this may seem like a lot of make up, I wear the "full pageant face" at nearly ever competition. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for when a product just doesn't quite work right one day. It also allows you to mix up the look between shows or even between classes.

The third shelf holds my face powders, foundation, eyebrow kit, and eye shadow pallet. I like to drastically contour my face for competition and these products are gernerally affordable and work well. 
The bottom hold all of my big and miscellaneous items. This includes hair spray, a hair brush, hair ribbon, hat sponges, make up wipes, wet wipes, female items, bandaids, pain medication, make up setting powder and spray, electrical tape, chicago screws, and a screw driver.

So far, I have never been without something I needed at a show. 

Here is the master list so you can create your own ultimate horse show box or just use it as an ultimate horse show packing list:
hair ties 
bobby pins
a pen 
pencil sharpener for eyeliner
box of safety pins
neck tie
 face brushes
cotton swabs
creme eyeliner
pencil eyeliner
brow pencil
pencil concealer
face primer
eye primer
concealer for dark circles
lip pencil
lip stain
lip sticks
contour brown
eyebrow powder
eye shadow 
 hair spray
a hair brush 
hair ribbon
hat sponges
make up wipes
wet wipes
female items
pain medication
make up setting powder and spray
electrical tape
chicago screws
screw driver

See something I forgot that is one of your must haves? Comment below to let me know!