My Organization Must Haves For Internships

My Organization Must Haves For Internships

When you find your first internship you never know what to expect. One thing I have learned is that scheduling and organization is key to nearly any internship but especially for a business internships. This summer is my first experience with an internship. I found an awesome opportunity working with a Ecom design, programming, and marketing company nearby. So far I have learned about blogs, SEO, as well as a lot about Yahoo Stores. With so many meetings and training sessions to keep track of on top of the work I needed to accomplish, I had to find a system that works for all while looking adorable.

Here are my top four must haves for staying organized and on schedule. 

1. Reliable Personalized Laptop 

Over the years I have found that your best bet when purchasing a laptop is to buy a model from a few years ago as long as the brand is durable and reliable. I previously had a Lenovo from 2004 that worked great with all my design programs and was physically a tank when it came to accidentally dropping it. 
I currently have a Toshiba I received from my internship that is also a bit older but works great! Since it is a work computer, 
I wouldn't be able to decorate the cover as I normally have to make them personalized and cute. However, I found an awesome alternative that let's me decorate my laptop without it being permanent or ruining the top. By using the Courtney Bock Designs Vinyl Monograms, I am able to add my personal touch in minutes and remove the decal whenever I am finished with the design. 

2. Erin Condren Planner

The Erin Condren Life Planner has been a game changer. The cute colors and patterns along with the clever design is the perfect combo for making organizing my day easy and fun. 

I love that the days are divided into morning, afternoon, and evening since it makes me more aware of how I am planning my time as well as making it easier to plan more meetings.

3. Martha Stewart and Arc Notebook

Before this summer, I had no idea an arc planner even existed. The arc system (which is interchangeable with the Martha  Stewart system from Staples) allows you to have complete control over your notebook design. 

I use an Etsy Printable planner system for many of my printed pages. There are many different themes from household organization to blog planning. It is easy to print out the pages and use the arc hole punch to add new pages whenever I need! I also purchased the Student Planner insert by Arc which goes from July 2014 to June 2015. This was perfect since I didn't have to buy the standard year and waste months that have already passed. 

I personalized my Martha Stewart notebook using silver Washi tape by Target, a teal vinyl decal by Courtney Bock Designs, and yellow tabs by Martha Stewart.

4. The Perfect Pen Set

One thing that drives me crazy is when my pens or markers bleed through in my planner or notes. It makes my pages a mess and I don't even want to use them. 
Luckily I have found the perfect pen set, the Staedtler 10 pack in Triplus Fineline and Triplus Roller
These pens are A-MAZ-ING. The ten colors are perfect shades for taking notes or writing down reminders. They never bleed and have a consistent line of ink. The barrel is a unique triangle shape which makes holding them comfortable. On top of that, the packaging turns into a nifty holder to all the colors are easily available at once. 

What are your go to organization and scheduling favorites?