Five Free Ways to Be Festive (in November)

Five Free Ways to Be Festive (in November)

As of November 1st, my brain has fully switched into Christmas mode. It may be the fact that I am now full force into holiday marketing for work. But I can't help but think that even people not in retail or marketing have also been bit by the festive holiday bug.

1. The Multiple Holiday Channels on Spotify

Here are just a few that I have been listing to while planning out my many holiday marketing campaigns. Spotify is free but there is also an ad-free premium version.
Glee Christmas
Pop Christmas

2. Red Cups at Starbucks

Although not technically "free", it comes along with the Starbucks your already likely purchasing on your way to work or class. If you care, my current favorite Holiday Starbucks drink is a grande soy white peppermint mocha.

3. Stashing Pinterest Holiday DIYs

Feel free to follow my holiday board for Christmas inspiration and pin some ideas onto your own 2014 Holiday board. It's never to early!
Follow Renae's board Sleigh bells ring on Pinterest.

4. Budgeting for Christmas Presents

December 25th is going to be here before you know it! Plan ahead by budgeting your gifts and searching for the best deals. If you know what you're going to buy each person ahead of time, it decreases your chance of splurging last minute so you won't show up empty handed.

Here's a typical budget for a working college student:
Parents - $20-$50 each
Siblings - $15-$30 each
Friends - $10-$25 each
Significant others - $10-$30
Boss - $10-$20
Co-workers - $5-$10

By planning ahead you can DIY many gifts to decrease your spending but make your recipients just as happy!

5. Christmas Decorations

Unless you just moved out, you probably have some of last year's decorations in storage. It is free and fun to have a night full of Christmas music, hot cocoa, and decking the halls. Invite a few friends and make it a mini party!
If you don't have Christmas decor, make plans with your parents to come help decorate the house for the holidays. Quality time with family is a huge part of what the holidays are all about.