Thanksgiving: How To Write A Random Thank You Letter

Monday, November 10, 2014

In the spirit on Thanksgiving, it is always a great idea to tell people you are thankful for them. The best way is by handwriting and mailing them a letter. This only will cost you the price of a stamp but will mean more than any gift ever could.

So who could you write a letter to? Think outside the box. Of course there is you family and close friends but there are more options. You could write a letter to your favorite childhood teacher or a previous professor to let them know how much you appreciated their work. Are you a regular at a local coffee shop? Send the baristas a letter to let them know they make you smile every morning. If you have a child, send their teacher a letter about how much you have already seen them grow this year. Have a favorite author or band? Write them to let them know you love their work. Who is your role model? You can thank them for giving you someone to look up to. 

So now that we have someone to write to, how do we write them? Here is a free thank you letter template that can be used for special events or just a random thank you note.

Dear (name),
I am writing to thank you for (reason). (Sentence explaining how they do that action). I am always reminded of it when I (action/event). Without having you, I would be (feeling or action). 
I hope you have a wonderful week and that we can (action) soon.
(your name) 

Although short, this thank you letter template still accomplishes your goal of thanking them simply and effectively. Plus you can always add more if you have stories or specific details. 

Here is an example of the completed template. 
Dear Morning McDonald's Cashier,
I am writing to thank you for making me smile every morning on the way to school. You always remember my order and ask me about my day. I am always reminded of it when I am unable to go to McDonald's and I miss our morning chat. Without having you, I would have a less cheery start to the day. 
I hope you have a wonderful week and that we can chat again soon.

It simple, easy, and will brighten up their day. You can even email it to save a stamp.

I hope my thank you letter template helps you get into the Thanksgiving spirit!

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