World's Easiest Way to Coupon at Target

World's Easiest Way to Coupon at Target

Couponing is time consuming and often confusing for most shoppers just trying to save a few bucks. However, it does not have to be the newspaper clipping and scenario planning madness we see on Extreme Couponers episodes. With just a little bit of preparation before running to the store, you too can save big bucks in the checkout line.

Step One: Making our list

After scanning the weekly add and taking your personal preference into account, you know what you want to buy.
Without taking coupons into consideration, just make your normal list. What you need, what you want, what’s on sale. Don’t think that much into it. You should not be buying something just because you have a coupon.

Step Two: The Database

Don’t worry, it isn’t scary.
1. Go to
2. Click the little “database” button
3. Search for either a general item on your list (ex. BBQ sauce) or search a name brand you know you want to buy (ex. Applegate).
4. Shout for joy when you find a coupon for something you buy every week.
5. Print or find said coupon.
6. Repeat for every item on your list.
7. Think to yourself “Wow self, you are the savings master”
But WAIT, there’s more!

Step Three: Website Printable Coupons

Visit the store specific coupon site
Click the coupons you like and print away!
SUPER SAVING TIP: you can use one manufacture coupon AND a store coupon per item! Double dipping is totally acceptable in couponing. If you have Cartwheel for Target, you can use that on top of the other two coupons! Triple savings!

Step Four: Store Couponing App

You need a smart phone. Sorry to the ladies still cherishing your Motorola RZRs.
Target has an app called Cartwheel.
You can choose from a variety of deals which are % off of items. (ex. 5% off berries)
Depending on how often you use the app and how much you save, you can add between 5 and 22 deals.
The cashier will scan the barcode on your app and the savings fly onto your receipt.
NEW FEATURE: now you can scan items in the app while in the store to see if there is a Cartwheel deal!

Step Five: Mobile Coupons

If you don’t have a smart phone, unfortunately you won’t be able to do mobile coupons either.
At least you’re saving on your phone bill by not having to pay for data, right?

To cash in on these techy savings, text the “deal code” to 827438
The current active codes can be found at Totally
Only one code per message. Target will reply with a unique link which contains a bar code containing multiple awesome coupons.
HINT: This codes often have $1 of fresh veggie, meat, and fruit coupons!!
These deals can only be used once. But if your brother, sister, son, daughter, grandma, or uncle has a smart phone and is shopping with you, I’m sure they won’t mind if you borrow their phone to save yourself some moola.

Step Six: Add Up Your Savings

That way you can figure out how many Starbucks drinks you have earned yourself. ;)