Easy Valentine's Day Apple "Cookies" and "Cakes"

Easy Valentine's Day Apple "Cookies" and "Cakes"

Valentine's Day can be a dangerous time for calorie and sugar overloads. The store shelves are stocked with chocolate hearts and pink cupcakes. Although it is okay to indulge in some sweets, you can also make healthier treats with the same Valentine's Day spirit.

After receiving a jar of the new Reese's spread in the mail from Influenster, I tried to think of how I could pair it with different foods. They suggested many idea such as pretzels, fruit, and even bacon. I thought it would taste amazing on apples and took the idea one step further to make a healthier and festive treat.

Valentine's Day Apple "Cookies" and "Cakes" Recipe


Medium or Large Apple
Reese's Spread (or Peanut Butter)
Valentine's Day sprinkles
Lemon Juice (Optional)


Cutting board
Sharp cutting knife
Pairing knife or small cookie cutter
Knife or spoon for spreading

Step 1: Gather ingredients and tools

Step 2: Cut apples width wise to create 1/4 inch discs

Step 3: Use the paring knife or small cookie cutter to core the slices

Tip: if planning to display the treats or not eat them right away, brush the slices with a 50/50 lemon juice/water solution to reduce browning.

Step 4: Spread on your Reese's Chocolate Spread or Peanut Butter as the "icing"

Step 5: Add your Valentine's Day themed sprinkles!

To turn it into a "cake" just add another slice of apple on top! It makes it less messy to hold, especially for young children like Jagger.
And there you have it! A quick and easy way to create a Valentine's Day treat for adults and children alike! This recipe can be easily altered to celebrate any holiday by simply changing the sprinkles!

I received Reese's spreads for free for testing purposes from Influester.com