10 Best Vacation Songs For Your Travel Playlist

10 Best Vacation Songs For Your Travel Playlist

Music is a huge part of any traveling experience whether it be the CDs you listen to in the car or the songs you stream while laying on the beach. I am lucky enough to be going on my first ever tropical vacation next month and I have been preparing every detail. I've loved putting music together that gets me into that beach holiday mindset.

Here are 10 songs that are perfect for your paradise playlist:

10. Summer - Calvin Harris

You can click the titles above to purchase the song through Amazon. Once downloaded, the song is easily added to your iTunes library.

Lately, I have been LOVING music streaming services. I used both Amazon Prime and Spotify.

Spotify is five dollars a month for college students or ten dollars a month for non-student users.

Amazon Prime streaming is free with a Amazon Prime account. Luckily these accounts are completely free for six months for all college students! Just be sure to use your school email address when you sign up! Not a student? You can still get a free 30 day trial to get you through your vacation with free music streaming! 

How do you listen to your music? What is your favorite summertime vacation song?

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