Getting Your Life Ready For Fall

Getting Your Life Ready For Fall

As the heat of summer slowly diminishes ushering the cool autumn breezes we see a shift in the attitudes of people as well as their wardrobe colors. I don’t know about you, but I’m already covering my room in fall scented candles and buying cute army green and maroon sweaters in this summer weather.  In addition to clothing options vibrant fall colors are reflected in everyday products.

Here are some products that will make you apartment, dorm room, and yourself illuminate with fall style.

iPad Mini and iPhone Cases

For the iPad or iPhone user changing your case can be a seasonal event. I love changing up my iPhone ad iPad covers every few months, so they match my mood. Plus the covers are usually very affordable on Amazon. These covers are sure to brighten up your fall spirit.

Planners and Planner Covers

When planning out your day or jotting down your exam dates, it is refreshing to use a colorful and functional planner. My favorite is the Erin Condren Life Planner. Not only are the pages cute and useful year-round, but the company also sells interchangeable custom covers so your planner can match your mood or the season. Personally, I am in love with the Halloween planner covers. They are only $10.95, and if you use my coupon link you get $10 off your order! It’s like getting a planner cover for free! If you don’t have a life planner yet, you can use the link to get $10 off your planner purchase instead.

Stickers and Office Supplies

Going along with the seasonal planners, I love having seasonal stickers and office supplies to help bring me into the fall mood. Halloween and fall washi tape are fun additions to add to calendars, envelopes, and letters to friends. On Etsy, designers have themed sticker sets to add to your planner or calendar. These sets make it easy to have an Instagram-worthy layout without all of the planning. If you want fall colored pens and markers, look for deep jewel tone sets like these jewel tone Copicmarkers.

Personalized Autumn Throw

Baby, it's cold outside, or at least a little chilly. Being away from home has its advantages, but also its downfalls. Sharing a room with a roommate can be a challenge. Misunderstandings about what belongs to who has caused frustration between many roommates or even family members. The solution is personalized products. has a number of personalized products so that no confusion of ownership can be possible. Their personalized autumn themed throws are perfect for keeping warm and keeping your stuff to yourself.

Handmade Decorations

Decorating is one of life’s greatest joys. is a great avenue to explore when decorating for the fall season. They have a number of wreaths and even those very popular wooden block “FALL” letter decorations. The great thing about this website is that the products are made by the people selling them rather than mass produced products available in a store. When shopping on Etsy, you are able to support small businesses rather than huge corporations. Some of the other fabulous products include handmade wooden turkeys and beautifully crafted fall themed banners.

Inexpensive Decorations

Decorating can be very expensive; however, if you know where to shop it can be a little easier on the budget. One of my favorite places to find cheap fall items is the Target dollar spot. They often have cute and colorful window clings and pieces to decorate your desk. If you don’t have a Target nearby, has a number of inexpensive party ideas that can be translated into beautiful decorations for your home. Fabric leaves and woodland friends can help add a dash of warmth to the room. This particular website also offers a vast amount of decorating ideas for your convenience should you be among the not so creative types.

Fall is a wonderful time full of color and many outdoor activities. Roaming the halls of your school can be a bit boring if all you see is the same thing over and over again, so spice up you room as well as your person with these and other great autumn-themed decorating ideas.