Concert Series: How I Met Austin Carlile and Other Warped Tour Tips

Concert Series: How I Met Austin Carlile and Other Warped Tour Tips

This year's Warped Tour Music Festival was one for my record books. Here are some tips and tricks on how to rule your best day ever.

1. How can I meet Austin Carlile and Of Mice and Men?
In order to get into the meet and greet you need a special pass from the Kia Tent. These passes are free but they run out FAST. In order to get our passes, we showed up at the gate an hour early. While in line, I constantly checked the Kia Warped twitter feed since they usually will tweet out the tent'a location prior to the opening of the gates. Once you know the general location, you can plan to either sprint or speed walk over to the tent immediately after entering the venue. There will probably already be a line and that's okay. They don't give out the passes until about 11:15am so just wait. Once in the tent, you will be prompted to have your Kia Photo taken (which is honestly pretty cool) and then you will receive your meet and greet pass. DO NOT LOSE IT. You only get one and can't get in without it. 

2. How do I get VIP passes?
While in the Kia Tent getting your meet and greet passes, you also can show any official Kia worker that you follow the KiaWarpes profile pages on Twitter and Instagram. If there are any VIP passes left, you will get one. 

3. What is the Of Mice and Men meet and greet like?
At the meet and greet, you can not take photos once under the tent. You can only get the provided poster signed so don't bring anything special. However, you can bring gifts for the band members. 
When meeting the guys, there is no photos, hugs, kisses, or long chats allowed. There are too many people to get through prior to their set to do these.

4. How do I get in the front row?
This is going to take a lot of time and dedication. Show up to the stage three bands prior to the one you want to be front row for. Everytime a set ends, push further into the front by moving in diagonally from the side of the crowd. I recommend the sides since there are less crowd surfers and less mosh pits. But if that's your thing, head to the center! Be warned that if the band you wish to see is a headliner, you will have no personal space for a few hours while waiting. Hello claustrophobia! I showed up to the stage at 5:15pm for a band's 8:15pm set. Within that time I was able to move all the way to the front row which was worth the wait for me. 

5. How do I beat the crowds?
When getting food, go to the stands about two hours prior to lunch. Although you may not be super hungry, it's better to eat early and no have to wait than wait in line for 45 minutes and miss a band you wanted to see. 
For the merch tents and freebie tents, go during lunch while everyone else is in the food lines. Some of the tents may have run out of freebies by now but (unless there's something you will die without) I think it is worth it to wait.