Friday, July 25, 2014

Concert Series: Outfit Of The Day

Concert Series: Outfit Of The Day

When going to an all day music festival, comfort is the most important factor in planning an outfit. I saw many girls running around in high heels and mini skirts near the beginning of the day but I'm sure they all regretted their decision soon after.
Here is what I wore that was cute yet practical:
My tank is front Hot Topic and made if a super soft and flowy material. 
My shorts are an old wore out pair of city streets jeans that I cut. They used to sell these super stretch jeans at JCP. 
My shoes are literally 9 years old in this photo. I've had these pink and brown K Swiss sneakers since 6th grade gym class. They are just too beautifully worn and comfortable to toss out. Plus, you can expect your shoes to get trashed after walking in a dusty parking lot all day. 
Lastly, my accessories are from Forever 21.
The chained gold headband was surprisingly comfortable and really finished off my faux Indian hairstyle. You can buy your own for $3.80. I absolutely love my gold and white floral aviators. They were $5.80 at Forever 21 so I wasn't worried about breaking them or losing them. 

Since this was my one big summer hurrah, I also got a spray tan. Normally I never spray tan or regular tan for that matter. However, I really wanted to lose the pale look for at least a few days without the negative effects of the Sun. I went to Pure Emerald Salon and Jen did an amazing job. The entire application is airbrushed by hand which allowed for a completely customized session. Honestly I will probably go back a few times a year just due to the ability to customize my tan. After letting the tanning spray soak in for a good 12 hours, I showered to take off the extra. I was left with an even tan that didn't look fake! 

Well there we have it! That was my break down of my Warped Tour outfit this year. 

What is your favorite accessory or item to wear on hot days? 

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