Top Summer 2014 Nail Polish

Top Summer 2014 Nail Polish

I don't know about you but I am completely unable to paint the nails on my right hand. My brain just can't handle not being right handed. So as I sit here planning my outfit for a wedding tomorrow, I have my left nails all painted pretty and my right nails are naked. Cross your fingers that I can bribe someone to paint them for me before the wedding. 

Despite my lack of ambidextrousity, I have actually been binge purchasing nail polishes this summer. It's like adding a new member to our nail polish family everytime you go to Target.

Here are a few of my favorites from this summers "polish hauls":
This deep grey by CULT actually came in one of my monthly beauty box subscriptions. At first I thought it was a weird color and didn't like it. However I have paired it with hot pinks and gold accent nails for a killer combo. You can purchase Boneyards by CULT at for $9.99

Staying with the grey tone, my next favorite is Tantalize by Sinful Colors. I love pairing metalic colors with neons. I have no idea if it is in fashion but I personally just like it. I got this polish sent to me by Sinful Colors to review but they sell this brand at Target for only $1.99. That's right, just two dollas. Honestly this polish wears better than most of my most expensive brands despite the cheap price tag. 

Okay so I may have only bought this one since I'm a Notre Dame fan. But never the less it is pretty great. In the sun, the gold base coat turns to a deep blue and the gold glitter stays the same. This polish actually works extremely well as long as there is direct sunlight. However, do not put on a top coat above this one since it actually blocks the UV waves that activate the color change. You can find this color and similar color changing polishes at Del Sol for $9.00.

Essie's Fashion Playground is year round favorite of mine. It is a beautiful sea foam color that is trendy and fun. Due to its white base, it is a little challenging to apply evenly. However with a few coats and patience, you nails will be beatufied. You can find Fashion Playground on Amazon for about $6 plus free shipping. This color is from the spring 2014 collection so it is no longer in stores. 

**This post was sponsored by Sinful Colors and I was provided a bottle of their polish to review at no cost. All other polishes were purchased at my own cost. All opinions and comments are fully my own.