Jagger's Summertime Top 3

Jagger's Summertime Top 3

As summer sadly is coming to a close, I want to squeeze as much sunshine and fun out of this last month as possible. I feel like just yesterday was the fourth of July! Like seriously what is this? I haven't even bought my 2014 bathing suit yet! Why does adulthood make summer so... bleh?

If you have a kid or wish you were a kid, here are Jagger's top 3 summertime favorites. Because summer for a two year old is the definition of heaven.

1.Babiators Aviator-style Sunglasses

These sunglasses are stylish, durable, and protective. The plastic is surprisingly bendy which makes them more difficult to snap than traditional glasses. They also come with a replace warranty if your kid breaks or loses them. That's right, if they lose them. The company must know Jagger personally or something.
Since Jagger has blue eyes, it is reccomended that he wears sunglasses as much as possible outside. Light eyes are much more prone to sun damage and future problems. With these Babyators, I never less often have trouble getting him to keep his sunglasses on.

2.Toddler Crocs 

Although Crocs went out of style the second they were in style, Jagger loves them! They are perfect for summer since he can slip them on himself, they are easily cleaned, and they are relatively comfortable. Jag calls them his "Croc-ies" and wears them pretty much everywhere. To be honest, on a toddler they still are pretty cute.

3.Slow Melt Mighty Minis Popsicles

Before I picked these up at Target one day, popsicles were always a messy, sticky situation. However these little minis are a mom's lifesaver. The minis are only about 3 inches tall and made with gelatin so they melt much slower than traditional popsicles. At only about 10 calories per pop with 2 grams of sugar, I feel much better handing Jagger one of these rather than a messy, sugar filled version.