Jagger's Last Summer Hurrah

Jagger's Last Summer Hurrah

In order to help Jagger get into the idea of school, I ordered the August Citrus Lane Back to School box as a cute surprise. We received the box about a week before the start of school and he was really excited to get something special. This box was 50% off. You can get one for the same price using this link.

Jagger is 34 months old and this is what he received in his August 2014 Citrus Lane box.

Petit Collage Alphabet Cards A-Z (Amazon - $24)
These flash cards are well made, large, and have a nice box to store them in. Jagger knew many of the animals however there were some odd choices such as newt and viper. Typically, toddlers aren't familiar with those less common animals. Rather than the ocean life version, we received the wild animals version which I can't seem to find online. This may be an exclusive product for the box. If you want to try a pack for yourself, use the code citrus14 for 15% off at petitcollage.com (expires 9/30/2014)

Little Pim: Video Download (Amazon - $9.99)
Little Pim is a video learning program that reminds me of the "Muzzy" videos of my childhood. Jagger loves watching shows so I think after viewing one of these videos for the 50th time (he's the king of rewatching shows), he may catch on to learning some of a language. This program has 11 languages and I think I may pick German so I can learn something while watching it with him. 

me4kidz Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Packs (Amazon - $4.75)
At first I thought this was a lunch box ice pack to go along with the back to school theme. However, I don't see a reason why it couldn't also be used in lunches too! Jagger has recently been playing with ice packs and pretending that people have "ouchies" so I'm sure this will be used greatly. I like that it feels like cloth and has less likely to be punctured. If you want for yourself, use the code CL314 for 25% off all products at me4kidz.com (expires 9/30/2014)

Green Toys Tea Set (Amazon - $27.99)
Although we did not get this exact toy, we did get two tea cups, two saucers, and a tea pot. I was a bit surprised that this toy was in a boy's box but Jagger LOVES it. The entire set is blue and green so it's a bit less "feminine". I always believed that there is no such thing as girl toys and boy toys but usually retailers still stick with the status quo of gender roles. I guess Citrus Lane has gone past this stereotype! If you want your own Green Toys Tea Set, use code CL10SPECIAL for 10% off at shop.greentoys.com (expires 9/30/2014)

I purchased this box as a back to school surprise but I didn't realize that most other subscribers his age aren't attending school this year. There were educational toys but I was expected something a bit different. I hope next month's is a better fit for our lifestyle. Nevertheless, he really does love that teapot set.

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