5 Reasons Why Working from Home Doesn't Suck

5 Reasons Why Working from Home Doesn't Suck

I have officially decided that if I have the option to work from home the rest of my life, I will. (As long as I'm making enough to support myself of course).
Here's why:
1. The dress code is really lax. 
Normally I wear pajamas all day. Some days I break out a bikini and work on the deck. Options are endless and no one is there to judge. Except Jagger... and my cat.... and occasionally a family member.

2. Schedule flexibility.
If Jagger is screaming in the other room, I can stop work for a few minutes to help him without getting fired. Have a deadline I need to meet? Work until 3am! 

3. Lunch break = recess.
The glorious lunch break gives me an hour or so to do whatever I want. Many days I often sprint to Panera or Target. Who needs a break room when you can go buy a tank top at Target instead?

4. The DJ is killer.
Not only does M.C. Spotify, have a great lineup, no one is there to complain about how I want to listen to the same screamo song on repeat. 

5. My cat is a great secretary. 
She's pretty good about sitting there and being cute. She has a high tolerance for toddler antics. And sometimes she rubs my feet. I'm not even kidding.

Do you work from home? If not, would you ever want to? Let me know in the comments down below!