Monogram Me Baby

Monogram Me Baby

So I admit, I have a little bit of an obsession with monograms. I know this is a bit of a problem because someday I might get married. Now I'm just talking crazy, but it might actually happen someday. And on that someday, there is a 25/26 chance that my monogram will change.

However, who says I even have to change my last name to my future husbands? I mean, my last name is pretty fitting and Jagger has my last name too. Plus there would be such a waste of hundreds of monogrammed things at that point. This is such a first world problem.

Anywho, until that becomes a problem, I will continue to fill my life full of monogrammed goodies like a sorority girl. 
Here's my latest "monogram haul".

Now, although I live at home while attending school I could not pass up this adorable care package... which I bought for myself. It contains a set of monogrammed towels, a vinyl monogrammed tumbler, and a vinyl monogrammed tote basket. The towels are really soft and perfect for the bathroom as decor and useable products. The tumbler is a huge 38 ounces which is perfect for filling with water to increase my intake for the day. I probably use this every single day. Not even joking. The tote box is very sturdy and cute. I like to use it for laundry as well as toting my school books around.

Of course I chose teal as my color with an accent color of gold. Lately I've really been into teal and gold. It might be due to my love of Notre Dame which has colors of blue and gold. Teal and gold is just a more "Tealaholic version".

If you want your own cute monogram care package (which I know you do. Even if you aren't in school anymore), they are currently on sale for a crazy good price at ;)

Disclosure: I am a CBD brand representative and receive all products at a discounted rate. However, I purchase all products in this post with my own money and all opinions are strictly my own.