College Cooking with Class: Spiced Chicken with Barley Salad

College Cooking with Class: Spiced Chicken with Barley Salad

As someone who can only successfully cook a handful of meals, I don't like to venture too far out of my comfort zone. I also am an EXTREMELY picky eater. I mean I could eat of a kid's menu the rest of my life with no complaints.

However, I know that this is probably not the best lifestyle choice. When I found Hello Fresh online, I was not opposed to trying it out. Hello Fresh is a grocery delivery service that provides three full meals for two with perfectly portioned ingredients and easy to follow recipes. The best part as that all meals use REAL fresh foods like produce, fresh meats, and real herbs.

The box is delivered by UPS in a well-packed, refrigerated box.

One recipe that I wanted to share from last week's box was the Spiced Chicken with Barley and Avocado Salad. Although I'm not a cold salad type of girl, my best friend told me it was delicious. The chicken had very little prep work and tasted great! One thing we did slightly different from the recipe was baking the chicken after searing it just to make sure it was cooked thoroughly.

You can download the recipe from Hello Fresh to make it for yourself! Plus their recipe design is perfection. I'm a sucker for pretty marketing.

Overall, the Hello Fresh subscription is ideal for couples or singles who want to learn how to make dishes using new, fresh ingredients. I could easily see this subscription being used in place of a full meal plan for college students if a full kitchen is available to them. When pricing out the meals, it comes to about $10 each with free shipping. This is definitely cheaper than going out and the meals are fresh and good for you. I'm sure buying all the ingredients without the subscription would be less expensive but you have to assume the $10 per meal covers convenience and shipping.

If you want to try out the Hello Fresh subscription (which is now available Nationwide!), you can save 20$ on your first order with my code 8JVAGB at

I did not receive any compensation for my review of Hello Fresh in terms of payment, freebies, testing products, or discounts. All opinions are my own.