How I Completely Failed at My Summer Bucketlist

How I Completely Failed at My Summer Bucketlist

If you were around early this summer, you may remember my summer bucket list.
Now that it is going to be October this week, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that summer is over. The Midwest Indian Summer disagrees but I'm definitely ready for some fall traditions.

So without further ado, here's my Review of my Summer 2014 Bucket List:
1.  make a blog (CHECK!)Look at that! is here to stay

2. go stargazing in the rural towns nearby (Kinda Check!)Well, technically it wasn't out in a rural town. But, I DID go to an observatory and saw some really neat galaxies millions and millions of miles away.

3. sleep in a tent outside (even if it is in the backyard)

4. go to at least one concert (CHECK!)
Yes! I even met Austin Carlile, my current celebrity crush. <3

5. read at least 5 books
I did read #Girlboss though. Highly highly recommended.

6. win one of the weekly prizes for adult summer reading

7. finish my summer classes (CHECK!)Thankfully I finished my summer classes without dying or dropping out of college. I regret ever saying I wanted to leave high school.

8. re organize my room and car (Kinda Check!)
My room is still a complete mess without any organization. BUT my car is pretty tidy ;)

9.  workout at least twice a week
This plan was going great until my back freaked out

10. become a regular at a local shop or cafe

11. daytrips to the zoo

12. ride on the St Joseph Beach Carousel

13. visit the Museum of Science and Industry

14. have a staycation with friends

15. make an elaborate sand castle

16. redecorate my room (Not Really, But Kinda Check!)I painted 1.5 walls of my room. Does that count?

17. crash a party

18. learn how to fashionably dress myself in two outfits

19. learn how to cook two meals well (Kinda Check!)
I learned how to make Spiced Chicken with Barley Salad that is pretty impressive. 

20. re-teach myself a song on the piano

Conclusion: 7/20 were accomplished or semi-accomplished. 

How depressing. Overall I didn't think my summer was that bad though. I'd rate it a solid B average.

I could create a fall bucket list.... is that a thing? If not, it should be!

Well, I'm off to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and drink my apple cider :D

What do you rate your Summer 2014?