Sunday, November 2, 2014

Soy Caramel Latte Starbucks Hack

Soy Caramel Latte Starbucks Hack

Sometimes when I need more of a caffeine buzz, I like to drive through my local Starbucks and treat myself to an espresso overload. Thanks to one of my dear friends, I have learned how to save a little bit of cash off my bill as well as a reducing the calories in my cup.

Here's how to order a "Poor Girl's Soy Latte"
Grande Iced Americano
2 pumps of caramel syrup
and Soy Milk

Although most of the beverage will be water rather than milk, you will be saving dollars a month and saving your waistline from hundreds of calories. Since soy milk is always $.60, I receive no complaints for "hacking the system" from baristas. You still pay for the additional soy milk in it plus you aren't raiding the condiment stand.

I may seem silly to order this way, but it saves me about a dollar or so for every drink plus it's a healthier alternative to the traditional caramel soy latte. For extra calorie savings, you can order sugar free caramel syrup.

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