Halloween Recap 2014

Halloween Recap 2014

This Halloween was more like Christmas for us living in the upper Midwest. It was about thirty degrees and snowing. Yes with real snowflakes.

Needless to say, trick or treating was an activity for only those brave (read: insane) enough to bare the elements. I am not one of those people. Luckily Jagger didn't care either. He keep stealing from the big candy bowl and was happy with that. 

Compared to the usual 100+ trick or treaters, our house had maybe 20-30. We were giving out handfuls by the second half of the evening. They deserve it. Those crazy children.

After trick or treating, Jagger went to bed and I went to a late dinner with my dear friend, Skylar. Unfortunately, my back was going out so I wasn't the most fun person in the world. 

Skylar came over and we both dressed up just for fun. We weren't going to a party but it was halloween after all. When else can you dress up like a witch and go to dinner? 

Aside from my delirium due to a back muscle relaxer and a slight appearance from my good friend social anxiety, I would say it was a pretty nice time. Of course dressing up was the most fun part.  

How was your halloween?