Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The ABCs of the 5th Semester of College

The ABCs of the 5th Semester of College

Strangely, this semester of college has been drastically different than the the previous four. I call this the "junior wall" or "over the hill" syndrome. Luckily, I don't believe in the only one who feels this way. Nearly all of my junior friends oddly agree. To get an idea of what I am talking about, here are my ABCs of the junior year of college.

A: advisor - the realization that my freshman advisor didn't have me complete my prerequisites in the right order

B: blue book - the mini notebooks used for tests that most universities somehow decided we're more effective than full size paper

C: C average - the grade you get on most assignments aside from the fact you used to get straight A's

D: dress clothes - if you are a business student, you professor will begin to grade you on the "appropriateness" of your business clothing

E: exam - the ability to recall information that we have never once talked about in class

F: freshmen - energetic young people who think college is party city

G: group projects - the ability to either collaborate with others or do the work of four+ students

H: how? - as in "how will I pass this class?" or "how can I raise my grade"

I: interest - you will begin to have mental breakdowns questioning how interested you actually are in your major

J: journal articles - if you read the abstract, that's pretty much the same as reading the whole thing right?

K: kindle - you learn the hard way that kindle textbooks are completely awful when scanning the text or looking at homework problems

L: lectures - every single class has suddenly rejected the use of in class activities

M: mature - you soon realize that 80% of juniors and seniors are no where near mature enough to go into the workforce

N: naps - the rare but beloved 20 minutes where you can pretend you don't have other responsibilities

O: office hours - usually spent begging  your professors for extra credit

P: professors - usually foreign and male lecturers that pronounce the word formula weird

Q: questions - if seems like they always arise about an hour prior to a homework deadline

R: reasoning - the ability to prioritize Netflix over studying. Because it's just one episode after all.

S: sleep - even when you get enough, it's never enough

T: to do list - it begins to have no end

U: undergrad - the title that is not the same as underclassman as one might think

V: vocabulary - the realization that multiple years of vocab tests have failed you and you wonder if using "super good" is appropriate in an essay

W: working out - who has time to burn calories when you don't even have time to eat them

X: xylophone and X-ray - after 16 years of school, I still don't know any other words that start with X

Y: youth - does that include 20 year olds?

Z: zombie - how you look after midterms week

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  1. Ha! This made me laugh. I'm finishing my 7th semester of college, and I'm stuck between Senioritis and keeping my GPA up while job searching. THE STRUGGLE. It's a good thing my teachers don't daily grade my appearance. I would get F for Filthy, as in "How many days this week have you used dry shampoo?" This is a great idea! I'm tempted to steal it ;)