3 Quick Take Aways From Click Z Chicago

3 Quick Take Aways From Click Z Chicago

Today I was lucky enough to attend the Click Z Live Conference in Chicago for digital marketing. Here are three quick facts of interest from today's conference.

1. Even McDonalds USA values bloggers. They have a platform for creating a conversation and reaching out to bloggers with content creation and a few big event representation opportunities. What is most interesting is that McDonalds finds value in both large and small reach bloggers! Want to know why? Read more about the power of small blogs here

2. 85% of all household purchases are made by the mother or head woman of the household. This statistic used to be 80% but is only increasing exponentially. This means that the real customers of men's products are likely to be women! So what does this mean for marketers and blogs trying to reach more male users?

3. Content is always important but surprisingly it is no longer the only important factor in SEO, increasing traffic, or conversions. What has bubbled up to be nearly as important? The user interface. This is extremely important for bloggers and businesses alike.

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