10 Steps For Creating Brand Consistency

10 Steps For Creating Brand Consistency

Brand marketing is vital to businesses, blogs, and even individuals. Brand consistency is creating a unified image for your brand throughout all of your promotional platforms.

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10 Steps For Creating Brand Consistency

1. Find your target reader/buyer

Who are you writing for? Who should be buying or reading? Make up a profile in your mind of the perfect user. Give her/him a name.

2. Figure out what they want and like

What would they do in their free time? What would they be searching on Google? Think about how they would spend their perfect day.

3. Match their needs to your content

You already know what you want to write. Now figure out how your content fits into the life of your perfect user. Do they come to you when planning their weekly meal plan? Do they read your posts like a note from a friend? What do they need?

4. Create a message

Now we are pulling these steps together and figuring out what message you want to tell your perfect reader or buyer. What do you do for them? Why should they look at you?

5. Determine your aesthetic

Since we know our message and perfect user, we need to create an environment that amplifies our connection. Think of how your ideal user would decorate their bedroom. Would they want soft colors or bright pops? Does this image match your message? Does your message help them reach outside their comfort zone?

6. Develop a mood board

Find colors, fonts, shapes, and photos that encompass your message. Make them pleasing to your perfect reader. Physically put these pictures in a collage and make it visible.

7. Design your online presence

You may need to redesign your online presence to match your aesthetic. Find photos, colors, and a logo that encompasses your desired environment. Put those same elements across your website and social media profiles

8. Tailor your promotional pieces to your brand

On top of your profiles and website, your promotional pieces should also match your aesthetic including sidebar ads, article images, and business cards. Anything you create for promotion should match.

9. Locate your audience

Where can you find your perfect user? Are they on SnapChat? Do they love emails? Find out where they are and make your presence known!

10. Connect!

Now that you have your message, aesthetic, and image, you can connect with your perfect reader/buyer! Not only will you be able to have a connection with them, they will be able to remember you and what you have to offer them.

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