End of Summer Bucket List 2015

End of Summer Bucket List 2015

With only one summer while finishing my undergraduate degree, I'm making this summer the best yet. Sure, people finished with school have summers too but, to me, those are just different. Mainly because those people have real 9-5 adult jobs. Therefore, I'm revisiting my summer bucket list from last year and creating a bucket list for the last days of this summer.

First, let's look at the things I've done so far this summer:

May 2015

- Became President of my university's honors program
- Of Mice & Men concert with VIP passes in Chicago
- Falling In Reverse concert in Chicago

June 2015

- 4 day trip to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas
- Got a new kitten named Loki

July 2015

- Short road trip to the lake
- Fourth of July fireworks show in Buchanan, Michigan
- Went to the county fair

Here's my 2015 Summer Bucket List for the rest of the summer:

- Warped Tour in Chicago
- 5 Seconds of Summer Concert
- One Direction Concert
- Go stargazing in the rural towns nearby
- Sleep in a tent outside
- Re-organize my room and car
- Day trip to the zoo
- Visit St. Joseph Beach
- Go to baseball game

What do you want to do this summer? Comment your ideas below!