Insanely Easy and Cheap Last Minute Gifts

Insanely Easy and Cheap Last Minute Gifts

This year for Jagger's teachers, I had to think of something insanely cheap but still practical. He has five teachers and buying each of them a $10-$15 gift was out of the question.

I purchased his head teacher a $15 Bath and Body Works gift set. I got each of his additional teachers a foaming hand soap also from Bath and Body Works. Although they are normally about $6 each, it is easy to get them for under $3 with coupons! Even the day before Christmas!

I wrapped the soaps with supplies from the Target party section and dollar spot. The gold tissue was $1.50 for eight sheets in the party section. Then, I put a normal clear treat bag around the tissue in case of leaks (20 for $2) from the party section. Lastly, I added a cute gold feather name tag from the dollar spot (8 for $1).

On top of the soaps, his associate teachers also received a EOS DIY Rudolph. The EOS are $2.99 at Christmas Tree Shoppe. I purchased the flavor "Summer Fruit" since they are red. The printable DIY template can be found here. 

Let's break down the costs for these gifts for the associate teachers. 
$3 each for EOS lipgloss
$3 each for Bath and Body Works soap
Wrapping ($2+$2+$1)/8 = 62 cents each
So, overall these gifts were about $6.62 each. Pretty cheap for a cute and useful gift WITH wrapping!

If you have a lot of people left to buy for and you are running out of money and time, hurry down to buy some EOS and soaps for a insanely cheap and quick gift! 

I was not given free products, discounts, or other compensation for any of the products or stores mentioned. I seriously just like them on my own and used them completely on my own free will.