Realistic New Years Resolution 2015

Realistic New Years Resolution 2015

So far, I have yet to actually stick with a New Years Resolution for the entire year. I  believe the problem is that my goals are too big and not measurable. 

Loose weight? I'd work out 4 weeks.
Eat healthy? Lasts a week.

It just doesn't work with huge, hard to motivate goals. This year, I plan to do smaller, more manageable goals to help the big picture.

Tealaholic's Realistic 2015 New Years Resolutions

1. Clean my room once a week

2. Actually floss my teeth on every even day

3. Wake up 1-2 hours early once a week

4. Go to my University gym once a week 

5. Stay 2 weeks ahead on blogs

6. Save 10% of my money each week

By having a goal where you can continually see if you are or are not reaching it, you are much less likely to give up after seeing no progress. 
Although it would be easy to say my resolutions are to keep my room clean. floss, wake up early, exercise, stay ahead on blogs, and save money, these are not at all measurable and there's no way to stop myself from giving up after a week of hard work. 

Stay tuned for an update of how I use my 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner to help me remember my New Years resolutions!