2015 Social Media Predictions and Tips

2015 Social Media Predictions and Tips

With 2015 coming in just a few days, it is time to start thinking about how to better your personal brand for the new year. One goal for 2015 is to up your social media game. Social media is the number one way to grow your blog's audience and maintain a conversation with your readers.

Here are five 2015 social media predictions and tips to grow your blog's brand:

1. Create your posts with mobile in mind.

If you look at your analytics, the odds are that about half or more of your readers are viewing your blog from a mobile device. When it comes to using social media, this percentage only drastically increases. So of course it is best to have a mobile compatible blog, but what about compatible social media posts?
Social media posts that are mobile compatible should use square graphics, mobile compatible links, and keep text short and sweet. Although a few sentences may look short on your desktop, it could look like a paragraph when squeezed onto a skinny screen.
It is expected that the turn to mobile usage will only continue to increase into 2015. By preparing for the current mobile revolution, your readers will be more likely to stay engaged and keep reading!

2. Go to your audience

With new social media platforms popping up daily, it is important to keep your audience in mind. In 2014, about 1/3 of teenagers left Facebook for other platforms. With new social start-ups on the rise, you need to be aware of the upcoming newbies in 2015 and notice which platforms your readers are using. By noticing trends in your audience, you can jump on new platforms and have a first-mover advantage over other bloggers or competing companies.
Some new platforms that are likely to grow even more in 2015 are Ello, Snapchat, and Vine. Platforms that are more well-known but still grabbing new users are Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

3. Let's go viral

In 2015, it is expected that photo and video content is more likely to become viral, just as it has in 2014. Although blog posts can create the same virality, it is much less likely. Video seems to be the new hot media. A short video is much faster for your audience to view and is more likely to be remembered.
I recommend experimenting with what your audience likes in graphics and what brings you the most interaction. Try unique photography, edited graphics, visual DIYs, infographics, gifs, short vlogs, and video reviews.

4. Make it easy

Going back to the mobile revolution continuing in 2015, you need to make it easy for mobile users and desktop users to perform the action you want them to do. Be sure to link your posts on Facebook so readers can find the correct post. Keep your blog URL linked in your Instagram bio and tell your readers that it is there.
In 2015, Facebook and Twitter are implementing an instant "buy button" for advertising companies. This will allow users to input there buying information once (in their own consent) and buy whatever they see in a post with extreme ease wherever they are. When making your posts, keep in mind that other big companies have noticed the need for ease of use and instant gratification.

5. Amplify!

The distribution of your content is nearly as important as the content itself. Use multiple platforms to amplify your blog posts and create a conversation. Be mindful to mainly use social media to amplify content that is already on your blog, NOT to create brand new content. Content created on social media might get you some results in the form of engagement, it won't be working towards your blog's traffic, site engagement, or SEO. It is good to use social media platforms for show more of your personality but remember that your blog is your main source of content.

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