Unboxing First Bock Box From Courtney Bock Designs

Unboxing First Bock Box From Courtney Bock Designs

Another unwritten resolution of mine for 2015 is to start and manage my own YouTube channel! This unboxing is my first video / blog post for the year so please be sure to click subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you like it! Read on below the video for more photos, information, and links.

Yesterday I received my first Courtney Bock Designs Bock Box. The Bock Box is a monthly box subscription that you can order in 3, 6, or 12 month increments. The program starts at $50 for the 3 month subscription. It is similar to Ipsy or Birchbox but instead of beauty products, they are monogrammed or gift type items. It is also unique since the boxes are created based on your profile and it is unlikely that someone else will get the same exact things that you did that month.

The first product in my box was the Live Bow Bracelet. This bracelet has the saying "Live everyday like a celebration" engraved on the inside. It is a bangle / cuff style with a hinge so it's easy to put on and take off. I love wearing bows so this is a perfect piece for my lifestyle. I wear bows in my hair all the time and my Betsy Johnson Purse has a big red bow on it. It is going to be a great fashion piece and a reminder to celebrate life. I will also be reusing that cute box on my desk somehow. It's too cute! You can buy your own Live Bow Bracelet at Courtney Bock Designs and it has the choice between three different designs.

The next product in my box was the OMG Thick Notepad. I make a lot of To Do lists so I know I will be using this notepad a lot. It is about 150 pages, well-made, and is a cute notepad to use everyday at home or to take to the store for a shopping list. I love the gold, white, and black color scheme. Every year I have a "aesthetic" and 2015 is probably going to stick with teal, gold, white and glitter. Needless to say, both of these product are PERFECT! You can buy your own OMG Thick Notepad at Courtney Bock Designs which also has a matching weekly list pad for schedule planning.

To order your own Bock Box subscription, you can find them sign up page on the Courtney Bock Designs website.

Disclosure: I am a brand representative for this company and received a discount on my subscription to the Bock Box. However, I was not told to purchase this product nor offered additional compensation. All opinions are my own.