10 Little Successes That You Can Do Now

10 Little Successes That You Can Do Now

It is the end of the semester and is often the time when students get wore out. Finishing assignments become more and more difficult. You can't remember to last time you cleaned your room or did laundry. You are facing workload paralysis. 

Although you may be feeling down about yourself, there are little things you can do to boost your mood and increase your overall happiness. Therefore, you can be more productive and get things accomplished!

Ten Little Successes You Can Do NOW to Fight Workload Paralysis

1. Make your bed

Studies have shown that people who make their bed are usually happier than those who do not.  Your brain can have the feeling of clarity and completion by having an organized environment,

2. Clean out your backpack

Similar to making your bed, cleaning your backpack can help with clarity as well as helping you stay organized in school. When studying, it is nice to have everything easy to find and stress-free. You are less likely to get frustrated before even starting your project.

3. Make a to do list

The best thing to do when looking at a lot of tasks is to sit down and write them out. Without seeing the big picture, it is difficult to determine what tasks take priority and which can wait. Be sure to choose 3-5 "must-do" tasks out of the list but no more than that for the day.

4. Make a healthy snack

When you are feeling down on yourself, you are more likely to eat junk food. Be productive and feed your body right by making a healthy snack such as these "apple cookies". Other quick and easy snacks include fruit salad, yogurt parfait, or a mini veggie tray.

5. Take care of an animal

If you have a pet, take 5 minutes to give it some TLC. Animals are natural stress relievers. Just brushing your dog or feeding your turtle can help you give your mood a boost.

6. Start a load of laundry

Starting a load of laundry takes only a few minutes, helps you catch up on chores and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

7. Take a shower

Another stress reliever is a warm shower. It also will help you catch up on your self-care that you may be putting off.

8. Take a 5 minute walk

Put on your spring jacket, lace up those shoes, and play your favorite song because you are going on a refreshing, quick walk outside. You will boost your endorphins and have a change of scenery.

9. Send a thank you email

Although it may seem like sending a thank you email would only add more stress to your life, gratitude actually results in a happier you. Send a quick, 4-5 sentence email to your favorite professor, best friend, mentor, role model, favorite singer, or whoever you appreciate!

10. Plan for a better tomorrow

If you are too tired and just can't get moving today, plan for a better tomorrow and go to be early. Self-care is the most important thing you can do for future productivity. Check out my easy, 5 step guide to how to plan and prepare yourself for a happier and more efficient tomorrow.